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17-19 June 2019, University of Manchester

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How to get to the conference

The main conference venue (Humanities Bridgeford St. Building, off Oxford Road – building 35 on the campus map) – is about a 20-minute walk from Piccadilly Station, or about 10 minutes from Oxford Road Station. Or you can get a cab or a bus from the station:

Taxi from Piccadilly: Follow the signs in the station to the taxi rank: go down the escalator near Platform 9 (or the nearby lift), then down a second set over to your right, and the taxi rank is right outside. It should be about £6 to the University; ask the driver for University Place on Oxford Road — they should know where that is.

Buses: The 147 bus goes every 7-10 minutes from Piccadilly Station (across the street from the taxi rank, under the railway bridge) to the University; get out just before University Place on your left (looks like a giant tin can). It costs 80p (change given).

To get the bus from Oxford Road station, go down the hill and cross over Oxford Road; there are bus stops on your right. Almost all of them go straight down Oxford Road past the University (get off as above) – do ask though, as a couple turn right just before it. (Not a problem – just get off at the first stop and walk back to Oxford Road.)

Transport accessibility: All mantax taxis are wheelchair accessible. They are the largest taxi company in Manchester so you’re pretty likely to be able to pick one up from the taxi rank at Piccadilly or Oxford Road Station; you can also book one by phone or online. If you have restricted mobility or use a wheelchair, please feel free to take a taxi to the University (from Piccadilly or Oxford Road), keep your receipt and let us know afterwards; we’ll refund the cost. (This applies to getting around during the conference as well.) Ask the taxi driver to take you to the Humanities Bridgeford St. Building via Higher Cambridge Street — that’s a much closer drop-off than University Place.

Disabled parking for blue badge holders is available for free in Car Park D on the campus map, behind Humanities Bridgeford St Building. There is a closer space on University property; if you would like to use this, please contact us in advance so that we can arrange it with Campus Parking.

For more information …

Information about how to find/get to the various conference locations (keynote and parallel session rooms, nearest disabled toilets, the conference quiet room, the two conference restaurants, etc.) is in the conference booklet, which you can download from the participant information page.

If we need to give you more information about accessibility, please feel free to get in touch with us at