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17-19 June 2019, University of Manchester

All keynote talks are in the Cordingley Lecture Theatre, ground floor, Humanities Bridgeford Street.

Day 1 – Monday, 17 June 2019

12.00pm Coffee, tea & biscuits available
1.00pm Welcome (Helen Beebee and Anthony Fisher)
1.15pm Keynote: Angelika Kratzer (UMass-Amherst): ‘David Lewis and how we think about natural language semantics today’

Chair: Helen Beebee (Manchester)

2.30pm Coffee & cake
3.00pm Cordingley Theatre (virtual): Fatema Amijee (Simon Fraser): ‘The rationalist foundations of Hume’s Dictum’ / Chair: Edward Elliott (Leeds)

Hanson Room: Michelle Liu (Oxford): Lewis on qualia and revelation’ / Chair: Joel Smith (Manchester)

3.30pm Cordingley Theatre (virtual): Insa Lawler (Ruhr  University Bochum), ‘David Lewis on non-declarative sentences: setting the record straight’ / Chair:Edward Elliott (Leeds)

Hanson Room:Seamus Bradley (Leeds), ‘Lewis, laws and similarity; an incongruence in Lewis’s Humean supervenience project’ / Chair:Joel Smith (Manchester)

4.00pm Break
4.15pm Keynote (virtual): Daniel Nolan (Notre Dame): ‘What would Lewis do?’

Chair: Anthony Fisher (Manchester)

5.30pm Drinks at Navarro Lounge, University Green (own expense)
6.30pm Dinner, Mowgli, University Green (if you’ve booked)


Day 2 – Tuesday, 18 June 2019

9am Coffee, tea & biscuits
9.30am Keynote: John Bigelow (with Martin Leckey) (Monash): ‘New work for properties of properties’

Chair: John Heil (Washington University in St. Louis)

10.45am Break
11.00am Cordingley Theatre (virtual): Michaelis Michael (UNSW): ‘David Lewis and the nature of logical space’ / Chair: Seamus Bradley (Leeds)
11.30am Cordingley: Jade Fletcher (Edinburgh): ‘Piecing together Lewis’s philosophy of language’  / Chair: Seamus Bradley (Leeds)

G32: David Efird (York), ‘David Lewis and his place in the history of analytic theology / Chair:Anthony Fisher (Manchester)

12pm Lunch
1.00pm Cordingley: Edward Elliott (Leeds): ‘What is Lewisian interpretivism?’ / Chair: Neil McDonnell (Glasgow)
1.30pm Break
1.45pm Keynote: Frederique Janssen-Lauret and Fraser MacBride (Manchester): ‘David Lewis and the Age of Metaphysical Revolution’

Chair: Thomas Uebel (Manchester)

3.00pm Coffee & cake
3.15pm Keynote (virtual): Jonathan Schaffer (Rutgers): ‘Lewis on what else there Is’

Chair: Alastair Wilson (Birmingham)

4.30pm Break
4.45pm Keynote (virtual): Sara Bernstein (Notre Dame): ‘Paradoxes of time travel to the future’

Chair: Fraser MacBride (Manchester)

6.00pm End
7.00pm Dinner at Abode Manchester (near Piccadilly Station; only if you’ve booked)


Day 3 – Wednesday, 19 June 2019

9am Coffee, tea & biscuits
9.30am Keynote: Frank Jackson (ANU): ‘Lewis: metaphysics first’

Chair: Hugh Mellor (Cambridge)

10.45am Coffee & cake
11.00am Cordingley Theatre: Alastair Wilson (Birmingham): ‘Plenitude and recombination’ / Chair: Ann Whittle (Manchester)

Boardroom, 2nd floor, Arthur Lewis Building: David Balcarras (MIT): ‘Meaning by convention’ / Chair: David Efird (York)

11.30am Cordingley Theatre: Lilith Newton (Edinburgh): ‘David Lewis and context-sensitivity in modal epistemology’ / Chair: Ann Whittle (Manchester)

Boardroom, 2nd floor, Arthur Lewis Building: William Kilborn & Bridger Landle (York): ‘Many, but one’ / Chair: David Efird (York)

12.00pm Break
12.15pm Keynote: Wolfgang Schwarz (Edinburgh), ‘Lewis’s empiricism’

Chair: Frederique Janssen-Lauret (Manchester)

1.30pm End