Conference podcasts

David Lewis and His Place in the History of Analytic Philosophy, 17-19 June 2019

This was the final event of the project. It ran for two days with parallel sessions and keynotes. Most talks were broadcast live and some speakers presented their papers virtually. Below you will find some of the videos of the talks.

17 June 2019

Angelika Kratzer ‘David Lewis and how we think about natural language semantics today’

Daniel Nolan (Notre Dame): ‘What would Lewis do?’

18 June 2019

John Bigelow (with Martin Leckey) (Monash): ‘New work for properties of properties’

Michaelis Michael (UNSW): ‘David Lewis and the nature of logical space’

Jade Fletcher (Edinburgh): ‘Piecing together Lewis’s philosophy of language’

Edward Elliott (Leeds): ‘What is Lewisian interpretivism?’

Frederique Janssen-Lauret and Fraser MacBride (Manchester): ‘David Lewis and the Age of Metaphysical Revolution’

Jonathan Schaffer (Rutgers): ‘Lewis on what else there is’

Sara Bernstein (Notre Dame): ‘Paradoxes of time travel to the future’

19 June 2019

Frank Jackson (ANU): ‘Lewis: metaphysics first’

Alastair Wilson (Birmingham): ‘Plenitude and recombination’

Wolfgang Schwarz (Edinburgh), ‘Lewis’s empiricism’