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17-19 June 2019, University of Manchester

Welcome to our virtual conference!

Here you can (for free!) watch the live feed from the talks and Q&A sessions, and post your own questions to the speaker from the comfort of your own home! It should work fine on a mobile phone too. Please see below for some more information about how all this works. And feel free to carry on the discussion in between talks at our Facebook group!

Check the conference programme to find out what to watch and when. All the talks in Cordingley are part of the virtual conference (that is, all the keynotes and half of the parallel sessions). All times are British Summer Time (BST).

Online Question Board

Information about the virtual conference

Live feed: There is one live feed for each whole day of the conference (with about a minute’s delay). Once the day has started, you can scroll back through the feed and watch the earlier talks. (You will have to figure out where you are in the feed by consulting the conference programme.)

Monday’s talks can now be seen here.

Handouts and presentations are available in this Dropbox folder. This is a live folder so any presentations that you download in advance may be subject to later changes!

Posting questions: Piece of cake. Type a question in the box above (the character limit is 300 so you’ll have to be succinct!). You can enter your name as well if you like. Questions are pre-moderated but so long as you’ve posted a legit question about the talk and kept it polite, it will appear on the question list above. Our man on the ground, Jonas, will be acting as your representative in the conference room and will raise his hand if he is minded to ask one of the questions that have appeared.

Please note that our chairing policy for the conference is not necessarily first-come, first-served (see the conference booklet — coming soon!), and Jonas may, for any of a variety of reasons, not take the questions in order. Also, as with in-person participants, there will probably be more questions than the chair can get through; so please be aware that your question may not get asked.

Conference Facebook page: Jonas will clear all the questions at the end of each session. If yours didn’t get asked, or you want to chat about the talk while the in-person participants are having a coffee break, head over to our Facebook page and see if anyone else is out there doing the same thing.

Any questions about or problems with the virtual conference? Email us at