We’ve published, and have in the pipeline, various Lewis-themed journal articles, book chapters, etc. as a result of this project  …


Philosophical Letters of David K. Lewis, eds. Helen Beebee & A.R.J. Fisher (OUP 2020), in two volumes (Causation, Modality, Ontology and Mind, Language, Epistemology)

David K. Lewis: Philosophical Manuscriptseds. Frederique Janssen-Lauret & Fraser MacBride (OUP, forthcoming)

Perspectives on the Philosophy of David K. Lewis, eds. Helen Beebee & A.R.J. Fisher (OUP, under contract)

David Lewis and His Place in the History of Twentieth Century Philosophy, Frederique Janssen-Lauret & Fraser MacBride (in progress)

Anthony is also co-editing a volume of the Lewis-Armstrong correspondence with Peter Anstey.

Journal articles and book chapters

A.R.J. Fisher (forthcoming) ‘The Two Davids and Australian Materialism’, in D.M. Armstrong’s Materialist Theory of Mind (eds. P. Anstey & D. Braddon-Mitchell). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Fraser MacBride (2021) ‘Rudolf Carnap and David Lewis on Metaphysics: A Question of Historical Ancestry’, Journal for the History of Analytic Philosophy, 9(1), 1-35 (open access)

Frederique Janssen-Lauret and Fraser MacBride (2020) ‘W.V. Quine and David Lewis: Structural (Epistemological) Humility’ in Quine: Structure and Ontology (ed. F. Janssen-Lauret), Oxford University Press (preprint)

David Lewis (2020) ‘Outline of “Nihil Obstat: An Analysis of Ability” ‘The Monist 103(3): 241-4 (open access)

Helen Beebee, Maria Svedberg and Ann Whittle (2020) Nihil Obstat: Lewis’s Compatibilist Account of Abilities’The Monist 103(3): 245-61 (open access)

Frederique Janssen-Lauret and Fraser MacBride (2020) ‘Lewis’s Global Descriptivism and Reference Magnetism’, Australasian Journal of Philosophy 98(1): 192-8 (open access)

Frederique Janssen-Lauret and Fraser MacBride (2018) ‘David Lewis’s Place in the History of Late Analytic Philosophy’, Philosophical Inquiries, 5(1), pp. 53-74 (open access)

A.R.J. Fisher (2018) ‘Structural Universals’Philosophy Compass 13(10) (open access)

A.R.J. Fisher (2018) ‘On Lewis Against Magic: A Study of Method in Metaphysics’Synthese 195(5): 2335-53. 

Frederique Janssen-Lauret (2017) ‘The Quinean Roots of Lewis’s Humeanism’, The Monist, 100(2), pp. 249-65 (preprint)

A.R.J. Fisher (2017) ‘Donald C. Williams’s Defence of Real Metaphysics’British Journal for the History of Philosophy 25(2): 332-55. (open access)

A.R.J. Fisher (2015) ‘David Lewis, Donald C. Williams, and the History of Metaphysics in the Twentieth Century’Journal of the American Philosophical Association 1(1): 3-22. 

Podcasts etc.

Helen Beebee on Possible WorldsPhilosophy Bites (also transcribed in Suki Finn (ed.), Women of Ideas: Interviews from Philosophy Bites, Oxford: OUP, 2020)